Ruth Uglow

Malispina Printmaking Society Residency, Vancouver, Canada

The Malaspina Printmaking Society was founded in 1975 and is a non profit, artist run studio. As part of its artist in residence programme the Society selects 3 visiting artists each year to work in the print studios. As one of the visiting artists I was awarded a month long residency at the Society. During the residency I had open access to the print studios to continue making new work, I gave an artist talk to the members of the society and had a two week exhibition of my most recent prints and drawings in the Malaspina Gallery. The exhibition was very successful and attracted a large international audience due to the galleries location. The workshop was very professional and well equipped, with excellent facilities for stone lithography.

Inside the Malaspina Gallery on Granville Island

Pulling a print of Emergence- Stone lithography

During my time at the studio I worked on 3 stone lithography prints. Everyone at the workshop was very helpful and supportive. It was challenging to work in a new studio and very interesting getting to know the other artists and discussing each others work.


Plains Art Museum Residency, Fargo, America

On completion of my residency at Malaspina Printmaking Society I travelled by train and bus to Fargo, North Dakota for my second residency at the Plains Art Museum, situated in Downtown Fargo. The Hannahers Inc Artist in Residence programme is only in its 3rd year. The museum invites 4 international artists too the museum each year for five weeks and has an exhibition of work made by the four artists at the end of the year. The programme is intended to offer the visiting public a chance to meet the artist and see them working. The 1000sqf print workshop is housed in the museum, which I had sole use of during the residency. I gave an artist talk to the museum staff and had constant interaction with the general public. Having more time at the Pains Art Museum I decided to make etchings and lithographic prints. It was hard at first to settle into a new studio, working completely on my own. However it proved to be a wonderful time to concentrate on new ideas and make prints. During my time in Fargo I was fortunate to have the opportunity to hike in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Its incredible rock formations and vegetation proved a valuable source of inspiration. I feel privileged to be awarded the residencies which have provided a concentrated period of time dedicated solely to my art practice and I am very grateful to the Birgid Skiold Memorial Award for its financial support.

Working on stone lithography- Feeder

Plains Art Museum, Fargo and the Hanniber Print Studio